If you are passionate about the modified cars’world, the MOD•A•S Car Show within the Festival de la Velocidad de Barcelona-Legado María de Villota, is designed for you.

  • If your car can be included in one of these categories: STANCE, LOW, AIR, JDM, MODIFIED, PERFORMANCE, CLEAN, EURO, HELLAFLUSH, OFFSET, VAG, OEM, OEM+, you have an appointment to enjoy a weekend of total motorsport.
  • Also those who share the philosophy of the Panscrapers, a group, a collective whose passion is the world of air-cooled and, of course, of the VW, always rolling low, you have a place in MOD·A·S.
  • If you have a super sport caror a very exclusive vehicle you can also participate in the Festival as we will have a reserved special area for this type of “machinas”.

October 1 & 2, 2022 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya:

  • Will be held the fourth concentration-meeting of this new era, in an emblematic place for fans, with great memories and full of “sexy” and very spectacular cars.
  • There will be prizes, shows, music, fun…

By registering for MOD·A·S without access to the paddock, you will have access to the following areas of the Festival de la Velocidad de Barcelona:

  • Access to the event.
  • Access to the grandstands.
  • Access to the shopping area of the Village.
  • Access to the MOD·A·S concentration to see the vehicles that participate in it.

A weekend of racing with the most important GT series in the world.

And with the registration to MOD·A·S with access to the paddock, in addition to previous access mentioned above, you will be able to:

  • Access the paddock.
  • Access the “Pit Walk” on Saturday afternoon, to see the boxes and the cars even more closely.
  • Access to the pre-grids in the paddock.
  • Access to the autographs signing of the drivers.

Is there a better offer?

To participate in the concentration, send an email to xavi@targaiberia.comwith your name, surname, mobile phone, and photos of your car. If your car is accepted, you will receive an alphanumeric code to be able to proceed with the registration of your car for the concentration through our website.

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